About Me
Hey there, my name is Kambria.

I've been creating art since I was very young, and started building webpages for fun in my free time as I dived deeper into what I can create. I was pouring hours and hours into fixing code, drawing wireframes, planning out how all my pages connect and creating my own characters and art. I started making Flash animations early on, I've always been very interested in learning more about animation.

When I'm not in creative mode, I'm playing competitive online games, binging anime and hanging out with my pets and friends. I love learning new skills in my downtime.

I enjoy helping peers, blending technology with creativity, and trying to making a positive impact. As I look to the future, I seek a role in a company that values flexibility, positively impacting the world, uniqueness and remote work options to accommodate my health needs, allowing me to contribute my best while maintaining wellness. Thanks for getting to know me a bit. I'm excited to explore how we can work together!
2022 AAF Create Winner

2023 TMR Scholarship Recipient

2023 CCS Foundation Scholarship Recipient

2023 Elected GDC President (SFCC)

2023 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

2023 HelveticaHaus Scholarship Recipient

2023 5 Month Internship with Spiceology as Production Artist
2024 EWU Honors Program Scholarship
2024 President’s Honor Roll
2024 Spokane Addy’s Cobalt Award Winner (x2)

2024 Created a sign for SFCC
My dream is to work a job where I can express my creativity, use technology to solve problems and most of all I love being able to help others. If a job offers me all that I know I'm in the right place.

• Confident and comfortable with the Adobe Suite, especially Photoshop
• Quick adaptability to new programs and  skills, enjoying helps to teach others learn
• Practice with video editing and animation, would love to dabble more
• Ability to work efficiently with little direction, good at asking for clarification when needed
• Excellent ability to come up with ideas
• Talented and quirky writing abilities


International Open Academy, Online — TESOL
FEB 2019

Spokane Falls Community College — AAS-T
SEP 2022 - JUNE 2024